About Me

Hi!. I am Francisco, a software engineer and entrepreneur who enjoys learning and making things happen with the help of technology. As a consultant and technical lead I have been able to help companies and teams grow and achieve their goals. On a technical level, I specialize in full-stack, mobile and web development. I have more than 10 years of experience collaborating with different companies, leading teams, assuming different roles and participating in various projects with different technologies and methodologies, from planning to production. I consider myself a responsible, determined, disciplined, honest, empathetic, proactive, organized person and a good team player. About my technical skills I can mention the following:

htmlcssjavascripttypescriptPL/SQLmySQLmongodbGraphQLnode.jsexpressStyled-ComponentsreactReact-Nativenext.jsgatsby.jsjestTBDreduxreact-queryApollostrapiCI/CDTDDDDDTesting LibrarydockerAWSnetlifyfirebase

If you have an idea or you already have a working system, but you don't feel satisfied and want to improve it. Don't hesitate to contact me to evaluate how we can solve it. Otherwise, if you represent an organization and want me to be part of your team, go ahead.

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