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Web Development

Development of web applications with the latest technology, automation of services and optimization of existing platforms.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development for iOS and Android devices.


Software Consultant


2021 – to date

My role at Thoughtworks as a software consultant is to collaborate on software strategy, design and engineering through the development of web and mobile solutions. Being able to assume the front, back and infrastructure development making use of whatever technology is needed. I am expected to be a technical exponent but also to participate in the management and delivery ceremonies related to the business.

In addition to applying cultivation, feedback culture and generating a positive impact in the industry with the help of technology. In summary, and to date my main contributions have been:

1. Technical Lead and Mobile Developer Consultant for a North American multinational client with the goal of creating a super app for its millions of clients in 10 countries.

2. Mobile Developer Consultant for a Banking, Retail and E-commerce client with a high presence in Latin America.

3. Web Developer Consultant for a Nursery and Education of children client with a high growth in Chile and Brazil.

Some of the technologies and practices I have used so far include: Typescript, JS, React, Node, Firebase, Apollo, GraphQL, PL/SQL, Chakra-ui, MySQL, NestJS, NextJS, Docker, Azure DevOps, Jest, Testing Library, Figma, React Query, Prisma, Context, Axios, React Native, Nx, Fastlane, Xcode, AndroidStudio, Feature Flags, Trunk Base Development, Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Development, RN-Paper, Storybook, i18n, Mountebank, SonarCloud, Strapi, Keybase, Flipper, Husky, Prettier, ESLint, Teams, Zoom, Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence.

Featured Projects


Chat App

This is a simple chat application for the final project of the react native course taught by the coderhouse platform. At a functional level, its characteristics include: 1. Identify and register a user in the app through their email. 2. Participate in an open chat, which identifies the origin from different accounts. 3. Allows you to use your device's camera (including front camera, back camera and flash options) to update your profile picture.


Restaurant Web and Mobile app

In the mobile application developed with React Native, we can order different types and quantities of dishes from a restaurant, and we are notified when the order is ready to receive it. Meanwhile, the web application is to manage the restaurant's orders, for when its customers request a dish. In addition, within the web application it is possible to add new dishes to the menu of the mobile application, as well as delete those dishes that are no longer available.


Gallery App

Gallery app is a way to manage and share content through images with others, like a social network.


Payment of Contributions

Payment of Contributions

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Employers Website

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